Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24, 2013

       Today Ms. Elias's class visited the Action Based Lab for the first time.  The students had a great time going through the stations.  It was interesting to see that their heart rate was raised at each station and they grew more tired as they rotated to the next activity.
     Research shows that children learn better if they can move because movement provides the brain with fuel in the form of oxygen and glucose, increases spatial awareness, engages the body in static and dynamic balance which aids focus and attention, integrates coordination of the body with organization of thoughts in the brain's hemispheres and uses repetitive body movements to train the brain in sequencing patterns.
     "Students engaged in Action Based Learning improve memory retention, reinforce academic concepts, balance brain chemicals while experiencing whole-brain, whole-body learning.  Educational research suggests that about 85 percent of school age students are predominantly kinesthetic learners."

Go Ms. Elias's class Go....

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  1. The students really look like they are having fun while moving around.